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Essential Oils

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Essential oils 

Essential oils are great for aroma & many other benefits. Add a few drops of carrier oil with essential oils. Carrier oils: Coconut oil, jojoba, avocado oil,  almond oil.


Relieves cough, cold & sinus, reduces symptoms of flu, headaches,  Soothes the mind, Soothes cold sores.

 Tea Tree:

Helps with acne, Nail fungus, Soothes skin inflammation,  Helps relieve psoriasis. 


Helps with : Eczema, wrinkles,  relieves pain,  ease anxiety,  calming.


Nausea relief, great for hair, stress reliever, reduces skin inflammation, bug repellent. 

Ylang Ylang:

Hair care, clear acne,  wrinkles,  gives your face a delightful glow, anti-inflammatory,  add to bath for energy boost, increase libido.